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After spending more than 25 years in the Montreal needletrade industry, Fashion Designer Sylvie Néron decided to create the SND Studio in her beautiful hometown village of Hudson, Quebec in 2012. She has linked the industrial Chabanel Street to the Main Street of a country side village.

"A long time ago, I was driving around England and I passed right in front of Laura Ashley's head office. It was in the middle of nowhere, in a green pasture and I promised myself that one day I would do the same". 

In a very short time, the little home office became too crowded for the job that lay ahead. The company moved three times to bigger locations accommodating the growing demand "and honestly, it is still too tight due to the continuous flow of projects that keep coming in and I keep buying equipment as well as adding new staff to the group."

What makes SND different from other freelance design services on the market is that  instead of working alone,  we work together as a TEAM.  Sometimes, our clients will require only one of our services but when they give us a full key project, our talented staff will work in partnership and collaborate, like little bees, to provide the best product possible. 

The force of our company is that all the members have extensive  background  and knowledge. We all have the same work ethic which results in proudly delivering the best possible product or service to our clients. We can cover kidswear, ladieswear, menswear  and work on local or imported productions.  Also we have expertise in plus size ladieswear and fashion accessories.

Just name it ... we can do it!

services offered


Design in practice

Measure the experience

Measure the experience


. Product development

. Mood boards

. Cads

. Techpacks

. Line Sheets 

. Graphic design for labeling and packaging

. Catalogue building after photo shoots

We use Illustrator AI and PDF software


Measure the experience

Measure the experience

Measure the experience



.Patterns by hand or computerized




. Specs Sheets in Excel

. Fitting with your model or we can provide ladies' fit models size M and 2X

We are equipped to print out your markers

We use Pad System and .dxf for normal use and for sublimation printed items that can  be converted to AI


Stitch the difference

Measure the experience

Stitch the difference


.Making of prototypes, samples and small production at our studio

our team



In the '90's, Sylvie created her own line of ladieswear named NORËN. For 11 years, it was sold throughout Canada in 175 boutiques and  in 12 Norën In-Shop at the Hudson's Bay Department Stores.

"I know what my clients are going through... I've live it all. From the spark of a design in my head to packing of a  box on it's way to distribution. It is a great feeling but it is not simple, there is so much work behind it!" 

The following 7 years,  she worked as a Designer for Sept sur Sept  (Conviction and Finlha)  and 2 years for Michael Phillips.

"Then, I decided it was time to share all that knowledge with as many companies as possible. I especially like to work for the new generation. They have great ideas and are always pushing my limits!"




Julie started her career creating  patterns for the fire fighter industry. 

"I was in my 20's and  I was travelling around Canada and  the US, visiting fire stations to conduct fittings on these big guys...heros...honestly, it was a dream job." 

So when we get projects for items for security, such as anti-terrorism or Army clothing, she's the expert in charge.

After, becoming a mom, she re-entered the workforce and embarked on a 3 year endeavor for Trium which is a company catering to corporate needs. The following 8 years, she was a patternmaker for kidswear at Krickets based in Montreal.  After which she joined Jacob, the big store chain, up till its closure.

"Then, I met Madame Néron. My interview was done in her screened porch on a beautiful August day. There were flowers all around us, I knew at that moment that I wanted that job!"



Aurélie knows a lot about menswear. She started her career as Technician-Designer at Coalision for Orage and Lolë brands. She worked for 3 years at Groupe Marie-Claire handling TerraNostra design and purchases. Then she moved to Mexx and became a menswear buyer for 7 years until the company closed its Canadian division.  As she loved her buying experience she continued in that field working for SportivePlus, a plus size ladies' active wear chain store. She can do anything, so she's our Techpack Technician, our Designer  and even our model.

"I had just lost my job at SportivePlus. Sylvie, who I met  through that employer, took me out for lunch and said, "Don't look for a job. Just go freelance. I'll hire you and you will also have the chance to spread your knowledge elsewhere. Now eat!"



Sophie is the latest addition to our team and she's just great.  She started very young working at the garment factory where her mom was a supervisor. She spent her summers there doing all sorts of work and falling in love with product development.

After, for a good twenty years, she worked in the aerospatial field where she  acquired a keen eye for precision. Being certified NASA, she was part of the sewing team that worked on the canadian arm.

"Came a time in my life where I needed new challenges. I was feeling like coming back to my first love, the one of clothing. When I saw that SND was looking for someone in their new sewing departement, I jumped on the occasion.  I'm so glad I did it. Everyday at the studio is a new challenge, I just love it. It's a gift to be part of a team who is so devoted"



She is a Coton de Tuléar, so she's right at home in a fashion situation! 

Plus, she is so silly and makes us laugh. She is our stress reliever.

Nickname: Pompom



She's a technician who does the best stretch resistant tests on our fabrics. 

She's also an ecologist who takes care of the trash and all the stuff in the recycling bin.

This Leonberger joined the team at the age of 2 months and 12 lbs and has  practically outgrown the office at 100lbs and counting.  We just love her! 

Nickname: Tina Turner

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